Impressive Lehenga Designs

Impressive Lehenga Designs For This Year's Wedding Season

Our country is full of diverse religions, customs, and festivals. Especially when we talk of a wedding day, it is considered a very quintessential part of marriage festivities. Be it for a bride or her sister or her friends. Everyone wants to adorn themselves in the most beautiful outfits, especially in pretty lehengas. After all, lehenga sets are surely a different outfit from the regular ethnic attire a woman usually encounters.

But when you decide to go shopping for a lehenga, you surely get confused about which one you should buy. Because when it comes to lehenga, you will find heavy to simple and embroidered to various options. In order to decide the best, you must know the most impressive lehenga designs in trend for the wedding season. Let's help you get started with that.

Best Lehenga Designs For Upcoming Wedding Season:

Outstanding Organza Lehenga

Organza fabric for a lehenga always holds a special place in our hearts. The best part about this lehenga style is that it does not feel heavy at all. So you don't have to worry about carrying extra baggage in the name of your wedding attire. Moreover, you can play with different colours and prints in organza as they look as beautiful as a silk lehenga. Unfortunately, many people think organza is unsuitable for weddings as it is a bit toned down. However, those people are unaware of how subtle, and mesmerizing looking organza lehengas offer a bride for her festivities. If not the bride, then the bridesmaid must take advantage of the delicacy of this fabric. After all, it completely sets you apart from the common lehenga styles.

Hand Block Print Lehenga

One of the reasons why hand block printed lehenga designs are in trend is the variety of options it offers. In this design, you can find a range of designs and patterns within itself. Hand block print lehenga actually comes with the double benefit of comfort and style. They ramp up your glamour quotient no matter what occasion you wear them. The best part is that they come in comfortable fabrics like linens and cotton to make you feel comfortable. So whether you are the bride looking for a comfy lehenga or a bridesmaid, a hand-block print lehenga caters it all. Thus, when you go shopping do check some collections of hand-block printed lehengas.

The Rich & Regal Silk Lehengas

Undoubtedly, no other lehenga offers you a crisp, clean, and modern look as the silk lehenga set justifies. It is a great lehenga choice, especially for the winter season. Whether you choose raw silk or pure silk, the richness and regality of silk surely entice a crowd in appealing ways. If you are someone with a narrow build, silk lehengas are a great option. As they add fullness to your body frame. Another advantage of choosing this lehenga is the embellishments as they look royal, rich, and very enticing for years. If you are a bride, you can choose bright colours like red, maroon, and green. On the other hand, if you are a bridesmaid, you can choose light colours. This effortless lehenga design promises to help you spread your charm everywhere.

Shinning Chiffon Lehenga

Chiffon is another amazing fabric, and designer-style lehenga option women can think of. This amazing fabric is quite similar to georgette and gives you ample freedom to play with different styles and trends. Unlike other fabric lehenga sets, chiffon has the potential to be moulded in different patterns and styles. Especially chinnon chiffon arouses your creative instincts and makes you juggle in different patterns and colours. You can choose a pretty chiffon lehenga and wear it to your friend's wedding festivities like sangeet, Mehendi, etc. Shining chiffon lehengas are also ideal for brides who wish to wear something extra-ordinary and unique during their wedding festivities.

Classic Plain Lehenga

A classic plain bordered lehenga will do wonders for women who don't like much glitter, sparkles, or drama during the wedding festivities. You will find a plethora of plain lehengas with pretty floral prints, or just creative borders that can make you look light and dreamy. In fact, all the women would agree that when it comes to lehengas, plain ones with heavy jewellery and dewy makeup rock are the best for any occasion, be it a wedding, Mehendi function or anything else. You can choose any colour, from light blue to bright pink or maroon. This classic style of plain lehengas will amplify the whole aura of your special wedding rituals.


Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, you deserve to look the best on the special occasion. And the above-mentioned lehenga designs can help you enjoy the quintessential attention. We have covered everything from silk to chiffon, handprints to organza. If you wish to purchase similar lehenga designs and styles for the upcoming wedding season, Pomcha Jaipur is your ideal option. Their online store features some of the most epic lehenga options that can cater to all your needs when it comes to style or looks. Check out the collection today!