Festive Wear Outfits

Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing Festive Wear Outfits

Festive occasions are that time of the year that calls out to clear up the wardrobes and bring in some elegant and cool festive wear outfits. After all, it's not every day when you shop for festivals. Unfortunately, this is also one of the reasons why you are not very experienced in choosing the right ethnic wear outfits. For example, you might be confused about whether I should go for a chiffon Anarkali suit, a silk suit set, an ethnic dress, or a saree. So, to help you out, we have collected certain tips for the same. These tips will help you choose the right festive attire that suits you perfectly.

Tips To Choose The Right Festive Wear: 

Get Your Measurements Right 

One of the most important things to get the right outfit is knowing the right measurements of your body. Whenever you plan to go shopping, especially for festive attire, always check for the size guide. That’s because it will help you in choosing the right fitted measurement. Different brands have different sizes and fittings too. Therefore it is crucial to choose clothes as per the brand size guide. After all, you don't want to receive or come back home with a pretty festive wear outfit that doesn't fit you. Moreover, invest in good innerwear that can help you give a better fitting for your ethnic wear. 

Pay Attention To Fabric Choice 

When it comes to choosing festive wear, most of the outfits come in fabrics that are generally not comfortable. So, you cannot wear it for a longer interval of time. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to the fabric of your festive wear outfit and avoid fabrics that can be uncomfortable. A few of the comfortable fabrics you can choose for your festive wear include chiffon, silk, cotton, and georgette. These fabrics can be worn easily for longer periods without thinking of returning to your comfy clothes as early as possible. Thus, fabric choice is a major point that you should consider while going for festive wear shopping.

Choose Brighter Colours 

Occasions like festive events are all about happiness, celebrations, and everything shimmery shiny. These are the days when it's all about looking peppy and energetic, and nobody will judge you for that. So, it makes sense to go for bright colours while choosing festive suits for ladies. You can choose bright pink, yellow, blue, orange and peppier colours. In addition to that, in case you are not up for bright colours, you can go for light colours with bright coloured embroidery or print. Moreover, try to plan the outfits' colours as per the event's time. For example, pastels look best during the day and choose metallics for night celebrations. So, plan your outfits accordingly. 

Avoid Too Much Colour Combinations 

Women often overlook the choice of colours while coordinating their outfits. In the happiness or excitement of wearing new festive wear and getting ready, you should not forget to colour coordinate in the right way. The best idea would be to go for a maximum of three colours while planning your ethnic wear outfit. However, never go for too many colours as they overdo or make your outfit overwhelming for the occasion. This can ruin your entire outfit look. Thus, it's always better to choose the ones that suit your outfit colours the best and go ace your festive look. 

Balance The Accessories 

We cannot surely imagine wearing festive outfits without any accessories. They are the elements that make or break your overall ethnic look. Especially if you have picked up simple festive wear, the accessories could elevate your look as per the occasion. From pairing your outfits with accessories like bangles, bracelets and jhumka earrings to boho necklaces, there are a plethora of options to choose from. However, always keep in mind to make a balance between accessories and outfits. So that you don't kill the feel of your own outfit. In case you have opted for heavy embroidery and ornamental work outfit, then they are better with the minimal use of accessories. 

Try New Ethnic Trends 

You would be surprised to see that there are so many ethnic wear trends you can choose from to style your ethnic outfits. Ideally, the latest trend is going around is wearing ethnic jackets on Kurtis, suits or even lehengas. You can pair your favourite Indian outfit with ethnic jackets and completely revamp your festive look. Not just that, instead of going for plane and regular footwear you can go for kolhapuri sandals, juttis and more. Additionally, you can also go for new digital prints in your ethnic wear to look a bit different this festive season. Don't forget to colour coordinate the things as per your outfit and add on to the vibrance of the day. 


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