Indian Ethnic Wear

5 Most Prominent Indian Ethnic Wear Fabrics

The diverse Indian culture and traditions have given us the most incredible Indian fashion. Indian ethnic wear is a crucial component of the Indian fashion industry in our country. Honestly, we might not even know how wide and distinct varieties of fabrics we have in our country. But we also know that dressing up, especially Indian wear, is impossible without good fabrics. Your ethnic wear might have the best design, but the detailing of the fabric enhances the overall style statement of Indian wear. Be it an Anarkali kurta set with dupatta or a salwar kameez, there is an endless choice of fabrics in India.  Let's discuss some of the most prominent fabrics that go best with any Indian wear. 

Most Popular Indian Ethnic Wear Fabrics: 


Whenever you think of luxury ethnic wear, the first fabric that comes to our mind is none other than silk. It is made from the natural fibres of cocoons. No doubt why it is a prominent luxury Indian ethnic wear fabric which is very special too. The beauty of this fabric is the way it drapes to your body. This is the reason why so many clothing outfits, especially Indian wear, especially choose silk as the main fabric. Designers generally use it for making designer Kurtis, sarees and lehengas. Silk is also the main fabric for festive occasions and wedding seasons as they bring a very classic look to any silhouette. 


Cotton happens to be one of the most preferred and loved fabrics for everyone in Indian wear, especially during summers. It is lightweight, breathable, cool and very easy to wear. In fact, it is one of those fabrics that is open to almost all cuts and styles. Moreover, cotton is also very easy to blend with other fabrics to produce a much better and more versatile fabric for ethnic wear. Those include voile, chanderi, plaids and more. Due to so much potential, you may find a huge market demand for cotton suit sets. In fact, this fabric is favourable all around the world, especially in India, because of the long summer weather conditions. 


Georgette is another very prominent fabric material for Indian ethnic wear. It is actually woven out of silk, while faux georgette is actually made with a combination of polyester and nylon. It is, in fact, a favourite fabric for most women because of its graceful, soft and delicate look. In addition to that, this fabric is also very light in weight and sheer, which displays an overall bouncy look in your outfits. A georgette is your ideal choice if you love ethnic wear that looks creaky and flowing. It has a unique crepe-like structure and great strength compared to other fabric counterparts. Georgette is an apt choice for draping and thus a popular choice amongst women. 


Just like its name, chiffon fabric is unique from any other Indian ethnic fabric. The name "chiffon" actually comes from an old french word for rag. It is a textile made from silk, nylon, cotton and polyester. The fabric has a shimmer and simple weave appearance. Earlier it was the main fabric for making evening and formal wear gowns and dresses because of the floaty texture. However, now the fabric has enhanced its touch to the Anarkali kurta set with dupatta, Lehenga sets, sarees and more. Chiffon is also one of the most notorious fabrics to handle as it boasts a slippery texture. 


Organza is one of the latest and most favourable Indian wear fabrics that is slowly gaining popularity in the Indian wear industry. It is a lightweight fabric that we obtain from silk, but you can also curate it from synthetic fibres. While most synthetic fabrics are highly durable, organza is the opposite. It is a very delicate material and is prone to tears and frays. Organza is actually characterized by small holes throughout the fabric in which the warp and weft thread is patterned. Nevertheless, it is an extremely popular choice for wedding gowns and evening festive wear because of its translucent and shimmer vibes. 


India and its wide variety of fabrics have given the fashion industry an array of possibilities for curating quality Indian wear. All the fabrics mentioned above are a supreme choice when it comes to curating and designing Indian wear outfits. Get access to an array of all these supreme Indian wear fabrics at Pomcha Jaipur and bring home some of the most stunning Indian wear outfits. So shop today from the official website and indulge yourself in the pretty vivacious culture of India.