Style Your Favorite Organza Sarees

Tips To Style Your Favorite Organza Sarees

Sarees are one of the most loved stylish pieces in every Indian women's wardrobe. There are a plethora of options from kanjivaram and pure silk to chanderi and net when it comes to choosing a saree for special occasions. However, the very beautiful organza saree is one fabric that is capturing all the attention nowadays and is in trend. In fact, many celebrities are donning this smooth and effortless fabric for their events, wedding functions and whatnot. So whether you go for a golden texture, white and green saree in organza fabric or any other color, this versatile fabric will surely never disappoint you. 

But even the greatest outfit needs a little styling, which is why we are here to accentuate your organza saree look. We have compiled a list of different styling ways that you can try next time when wearing an yellow organza saree. So, let's discuss the best tips on which you can style your organza sarees. 

Various Ways To Style Organza Sarees: 

Organza Saree With Unique Style Blouse 

One of the major things that makes a saree really special is the exchange of texture and style. You will be absolutely enamored with the way you will look when you blend your favorite organza saree with a unique blouse. The best way to do that is to get your blouse stitched uniquely. Silk organza texture sarees generally look well with solid silhouette blouses. In addition to that, choose your blouse as per the level of embellishments on your saree. If it's highly embellished, then go for a minimal textured or embroidered blouse and the opposite when the saree is lightly embellished. 

Pick The Right Saree Draping Style 

Organza sarees don't look just graceful but lavish, too, as the fabric is not easy to tame. It's important to pick the right drape style to look your very best. Organza is a very flowy fabric, and hence it's better to keep the open pallu style. A pleated pallu won't look much good for this fabric. Also, remember while making the pleats, be more careful and pin them together as the fabric is slippery. Organza sarees have a tendency to expand, so it's better not to organize them again and again or compress them. 

Team The Right Accessories 

You have to understand that your organza fabric saree is itself the most wonderful piece. Thus, it's important to make sure that you pair the right accessories with them. To keep your saree, the star of the event, opt for a simple look. For example, if you are wearing a multi-color rainbow saree, then team it with a classic multi-layered pearl choker. It will add a perfect touch to this shade and any shade of organza sarees. You can go for stud earrings when wearing a choker; if not, then Chaand Bali or dangle earrings will go the best.  

Pair The Right Footwear 

Many women think it is okay to wear any type of footwear when wearing a saree. They think that no one will be able to get a glimpse of what they are wearing beneath their beautiful organza saree. However, let us share with you this today it's very important to give each aspect equal attention when adorning your favorite organza saree, especially if you are a fashion enthusiast and want to make a statement. Then it's important to wear the right footwear. The best footwear that goes well with almost all texture organza sarees is a pair of bronze-toned heel sandals or wedges. Sarees demand you to look tall, and heels basically help you with that. 


Organza sarees are the perfect pick when you want to flaunt a glamorous yet subtle look. This is one fabric that suits women of all body types. All you have to do is to implement some style suggestions, and you will be ready to turn heads at your upcoming event. If you wish to add a new collection of trendy organza sarees to your collection, then Pomcha Jaipur has a fresh and lovely collection of organza sarees. A collection that should not be missed; check out yourself and find your favorite organza floral print saree.


Q: Which type of blouse goes well with an organza saree?

A: For silk organza sarees, solid silhouette blouses are recommended. The level of embellishments on the saree should also be considered when selecting a blouse. If the saree is highly embellished, opt for a minimal textured or embroidered blouse, and vice versa.

Q: Can I wear an organza saree for daytime events?

A: Yes, organza sarees can be worn for daytime events as well. Opt for lighter shades of pastel colors to create a refreshing and elegant daytime look. Pair it with minimalistic jewelry and natural makeup for a sophisticated appearance.

Q: Are organza sarees suitable for all body types?

A: Yes, organza sarees are suitable for all body types. The flowy nature of the fabric drapes beautifully and can complement various body shapes. Choose the right drape style and accessories to enhance your best features and feel confident in your organza saree.

Q: How can I maintain and care for my organza saree?

A: Organza sarees require gentle care. It is advisable to dry clean them to maintain their fabric quality and delicate embellishments. Store them in a cool and dry place, preferably in a saree cover or muslin cloth, to protect them from dust and damage.

Q: Can I wear an organza saree for weddings and festive occasions?

A: Absolutely! Organza sarees are an excellent choice for weddings and festive occasions. The fabric's sheen and lightweight feel make it perfect for such special events. Opt for rich colors, intricate embroideries, and statement accessories to create a glamorous and celebratory look.