Simple Tips To Look Slim In A Saree

Sarees are undeniably the epitome of pure grace. The right way to drape these six yards of ultimate elegance can make a significant difference to your look. Therefore, a saree can look stunning and elegant only when it is worn properly. The right silhouette of sarees, like lavender organza saree, can make you look thinner and show off the best proportions of your body. The following tips will help you look slim in a saree if you have been wondering how! Try out these below-mentioned tips and get a slim appearance in a saree.

Tips For Wearing a Saree To Look Slim

Always Opt For a Lightweight Saree

As lightweight fabrics are bound to give your body better shape rather than adding bulk, they will automatically make your body appear slimmer. In addition to providing a well-fitted look, the fabric will naturally wrap around your body, making you look slimmer. You should also consider saree fabrics when it comes to appearing slim in a saree. Lightweight fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, or cotton are more appropriate than silks and other thicker fabrics.

Drape A Flattering Pallu

It is very important to consider how you wear your pallu because it can make or break your look. When it comes to draping the pallu, there is no right or wrong way to do so, but it is important to realize that there are certain drapes that will effectively make you look slimmer. For example, using the Reverse Pallu with a saree draping is a great way to stand out and look slim in the crowd, concealing a not-so-flat belly in an easier way than the ordinary pallu. A full-proof way of appearing slim is to use this trick, and it is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Get a Saree With Sleek Borders

A saree with thick borders will look heavier than it actually is and will add volume to it. Choose a saree style with a thin border, such as organza printed saree if you’re going to wear one with a border. When it comes to looking thin in a saree, this is your ultimate tip. Adding a sleek border will lift your outfit and make you look taller. 

Wear the Saree With Right Petticoat

There are a lot of people who don’t pay enough attention to this aspect of a saree style. However, what goes beneath is what shows above. So, it’s important that your petticoat is well-fitted and, if possible, tailor-made to your measurements. Aside from that, it has a great impact on the shape of your saree. Also, you can wear a saree to look slim and appealing by wearing a petticoat. In the end, to avoid looking broad, you should ditch petticoats that don’t fit or fluff up.

Select a Saree With Small Prints

A small print covers more space overall and gives the fabric a clean appearance. However, larger prints make you appear wider as they appear bigger and don’t allow any breathing space on the garment. Therefore, choose a small print saree, as they flow better with the fabric and give you an appearance of being taller and leaner. Additionally, a saree with prints is definitely a slimming option.

Pick a Dark Saree With Delicate Embroidery

The dark colour and style of a saree will make you look slim. For this reason, you should always use a deep shade when draping a saree. Above all, a saree’s delicate embroidery makes it look petite. Thus, make sure to opt for subtle, petite patterns instead of huge, bold ones. Hence, choose a saree which has delicate embroidery and is bold-coloured. 

Key Takeaway! 

In conclusion, these are all the tips that you need to know if you are draping a saree. It makes you appear leaner and therefore enhances your overall appearance. In addition to these tips, you should also remember to pair your outfit with a flattering hairstyle and makeup and comfortable footwear, such as wedges and heels. Also, if you decide to carry a handbag, choose a small bag that can house all of your essentials. Finally, if you want to accessorize your outfit further, you can also wear jewellery like earrings, bracelets, and rings. You are now all set to go