A Guide To Help You Choose The Right Fabric

A Guide To Help You Choose The Right Fabric

Fabric is one of the most imperative parts of clothing. If you make a mistake while choosing a fabric material, it won't do justice to the clothing design and won't appear what you expected it to be. That's why choosing the right fabric requires proper research and thinking to make the best decision, especially regarding ethnic wear. Let's discuss everything in depth so you can make the right fabric choice for your clothes next time. 

Material Of The Fabric 

One of the first things to look at is the material of the fabric. There is a wide range of materials available, so its important to understand each one in detail.  

Evergreen Cotton 

No wonder cotton is one of the most versatile and widely used fabrics worldwide. With so many great qualities by its side, cotton is our sunshine fabric that is perfect for every season and every occasion.  Few properties like easy to stretch, clean, and comfortable, making it a perfect chic ethnic wear fabric. You will find cotton sarees and Kurtis with floral prints and embroidered borders, an evergreen trend in the fashion industry. 

Blended Beauty Of Cotton Silk 

The things you miss in the pure cotton fabric can be easily retrieved from the blended beauty of cotton silk fabric. When a pure cotton fabric is blended with lustrous and smooth fabric like silk, we get our special cotton silk fabric. It is a favorable and common choice for the Indian ethnic wear fashion industry. It offers the perfect crisp, shiny look individuals look for when finding ethnic wear outfits for big events like weddings, engagements, etc. 

The Comfort Of Rayon 

Rayon is another great natural fabric perfect for every season of ethnic wear. It is a regenerated cellulose rayon and offers sheen and smoothness similar to silk fabric. This is one of the reasons why it is titled Art Silk too. Moreover, it is an extremely lightweight fabric making it a highly breathable option. The best part? It is not expensive as silk and hence an ideal choice for rayon Kurtis, palazzo suits, saris, and lehenga curation. Moreover, because of its sheer comfort, rayon is perfect when you have to choose a suitable fabric for every occasion sarees, semi-formal lehenga cholis, etc.

The Flowing Feels Of Chiffon 

One fabric that promises you grace and sensuousness in ethnic wear is Chiffon fabric. The fabric is super sheer and light in weight, making it an ideal summer chic Indian wear fabric. You might find many chiffon suit sets and sarees for a summer wedding and festive season. It helps you make a statement in ethnic wear with a touch of glamour. The fabric has contemporary appeal and a shimmery finish, making them a must-have for your party wear wardrobe. You can also choose chiffon Kurtis to ace the events in the summer season glamorously. 

Charming Organza 

Organza fabric comes with a stunning sheer, making it an ideal choice when finding suitable material for your ethnic wear. It is translucent and reflects light very beautifully, giving it a soft appearance that looks ethereal. If you get an option to give yourself a dreamy look in an ethnic outfit, then undoubtedly, organza sarees, suits, or lehenga sets will be the best choice. They are light and airy, so they are an ideal choice for party wear and wedding lehengas. 

Types of Fabrics 

We can classify fabric into different types, but some common classifications would be easy to understand. So here are a few common types of fabrics you can choose from. 

Plain Fabric 

The fabrics you see with color dyeing or weaved from dyed yarns are known as plain fabrics. They are a go-to choice for western dresses. Cotton and rayon are the most popular plain fabrics to choose from. 

Printed Fabric 

The fabrics which come with prints on their surface, like hand, block, or screen prints, are called printed fabrics. The fabric materials with patterns are a great trend for ethnic wear. For example, you will find hand-block fabrics for ethnic wear outfits like Kurtis, suits, sharara sets, and lehenga cholis. 

Embroidered Fabric 

Fabrics decorated with threads, embellishments, or studded with materials are known as embroidered fabric. They are an ideal fabric to curate solemn occasion dresses for parties, weddings, and more. 

Art Fabric 

Art fabric has different techniques, like weaving, dyeing, printing, or embellishments. Some of the most recognized art fabrics are bandhani, phulkari, leheriya, etc. 

Properties of Fabric 

Touch & Feel 

The main thing you need to know while choosing a fabric is the touch and feel factor. Some fabrics have a similar touch and feel, while others have a unique touch. Hence, it would help if you made a choice accordingly. 

Fall & Drape

For ethnic wear dresses, it's important to check how the fabric falls on the ground or your body. Also, the fabric's drape can be reviewed based on how easily it can be draped, pleated, or wrapped on your body. 

Longevity & Wash Care 

It is essential to check how long your fabrics will last. If you have made the right fabric choice, it should last for the minimum washes without losing color and texture. Always check the wash care of the fabric you choose to avoid future handling hassles. 


So, now you know enough about choosing the right fabric for your clothes. So, buying clothes from a reliable store like Pomcha Jaipur is important if you are a beginner on this journey. We provide top-quality ethnic wear dresses curated using all the quality fabrics. On our website, you will find accurate details about each ethnic wear outfit to choose the best one for yourself. Check out the entire selection today!